Foodborne illness impacts customer health, an operator’s                 reputation, a business’s profitability, and in some cases, their complete viability. The CDC estimates that there are as many as 47 million cases of foodborne illness in the U.S. each year,             and the key to understanding the need for ServSafe® training is      to recognize that food safety decisions are made (or not made) at every point of the foodservice process from construction of the building right up to daily operations that include cooking and cleaning. If you’re an Owner or Operator, invest in your own reputation and success by training your employees and managers with ServSafe®.

The ServSafe® curriculum teaches:

· The importance of food safety for customers and operators

· Good personal hygiene for food handlers and servers

· Time and temperature controls that help protect food

· How to prevent cross-contamination in foodservice operations

· Proper cleaning and sanitizing for foodservice operations

· Safe food preparation practices

· How to properly receive and store foods

· Safe methods of thawing, cooking, cooling and reheating food

· Food safety regulations

· Pest control for foodservice operations

 July 26, 2021


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ServSafe® Training & Certification

New York has passed legislation that requires at least one trained, ServSafe® certified person to be employed at each food service establishment. In response to the legislation, Saratoga Restaurant Equipment Sales offers ServSafe® Food Safety training and certification workshops.

Meet Our Instructor

Frank Burns has an extensive management-level background in the hospitality and food service industry. He is the former Chairman of the            NY State Restaurant Association and a certified ServSafe® Food Safety instructor. The average passing grade for Frank's certification classes at SRES is 91%.